City House operates an emergency youth shelter, My Friend's House (MFH) and a Transitional Living Program (RHY/ TLP). Through these programs we are able to change the lives of children and young adults who are in need of help.


The RHY/TLP program, formerly known as the TRIPS, has been a recipient of RHY-TLP funding for years, most recently awarded in 2007.  Currently, the City House RHY/TLP program is in its fifth year of a five-year grant through the RHY-TLP.  The program serves homeless young adults age 16 to 21 years. This program offers clients a wealth of resources to aid in their growth toward independent living through expansive services such as:

  • Residential Care (up to 18 months)
  • Case Management
  • Tutoring
  • School Enrollment
  • Guidance for Educational Goals and GED Preparation
  • College Application Assistance
  • College Scholarship Aid
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Resume Development
  • Interview Skills and Role Play
  • Enrichment Workshops
  • Individual Life Coaching
  • Referrals

In-Take Documents and Program Application (PDF)

Virtual Tours:

Boyd House for Young Men

Goodman House for Young Women

Would you like to help a young adult in the RHY/TLP program to find a job?

“Do you know of any companies that are hiring? Does your company have a potential job opening for a young adult working hard to make a change in his/her life?”
Please let us know on our RHY/TLP job hotline.

Success Story

RHY/TLP Gave Me Wings

When Anessa first came to City House she was very emotional. She felt trapped by her circumstances. Her father's strict discipline had too often escalated to verbal and physical abuse. She knew she needed to move out of her parents’ home for her own well-being, but worried that in doing so she would make the situation more volatile for her younger siblings.

As a high-school student Anessa participated in track and theatre. She took advanced classes and earned good grades. She developed a passion for art, design and fashion, and her talent in these areas was undeniable. But none of this was enough to earn her father’s approval. Control and fear overshadowed nearly every interaction she had with him. “In addition to never feeling like I could live up to his expectations, any time I attempted to be assertive and speak up for myself my father reacted with anger as though I was being defiant, disrespectful, and insolent,” Anessa recalls. “My spirit was breaking. I had to get out.”

Anessa turned to friends for support. But living with friends was not a long-term solution and she did not have the resources, financially or emotionally, to live on her own. Her counselor at Collin College referred her to City House’s RHY/TLP program.

Anessa relates her journey to the Greek myth of Iccarus. RHY/TLP gave her wings to escape the imprisonment of her circumstances. “The difference is, RHY/TLP has helped me develop skills and maturity I need so when I use my new found wings, I won’t fly too close to the sun,” Anessa explains.

Since leaving home, her relationship with her family has improved. “My father and I actually converse now, and slowly our relationship is healing,” she said.

Saigling Home - TRIPS

Anessa is now preparing to graduate from the RHY/TLP 18-month residential program. While her passion for art, design and fashion remain strong, she has decided to pursue a degree in business. She will continue her studies at UT-Dallas and plans to earn her MBA in entrepreneurial management.