TLP Direct Care Worker

Reports To:  TLP Program Manager

General Purpose: Responsible for assisting with matters pertaining to food, cleaning, minor maintenance, house, hands on life skills and for providing an environment of consistent structure, guidance and nurturance in the homes.

Essential Functions:

  1. Provides direct support and guidance to residents living in the home while meeting the physical, emotional, academic and vocational needs of all residents.
    • Helps provide a living environment through the therapeutic approach that stimulates a balance of independence and teamwork, as well as building self-confidence, and problem solving skills
    • Makes room checks at the beginning and ending of shift to ensure resident safety
    • Provides transportation to and from goal-related activities, including jobs, school, appointments
    • Provides individualized and group life skills on-site, such as preparing meals together, minor home maintenance, proper cleaning techniques, large applicance use, and disaster preparedness
  2. Utilizes the therapeutic approach to help young adults learn effective problem solving skills and daily living skills.
    • Facilitate environments that encourage young adults to practice resolving problems as a simulated family unit
    • Recognize that residents will present with a variety of past abuse histories, and current behvioral issues, and respond with support and care at all levels of service
    • Provide opportunities to set individual and group goals as a household
    • Develop a simulated family unit culture in which each member plays an active role in providing constructive feedback to each other
    • Facilitate discussions that encourages young adults to take part of including group activities
    • Provides continual recognition of children’s strengths and gradual succesess
    • Performs service delivery from Trauma Informed Approach, and Strengths Based Perpective
  3. Communicates regularly with the Case Manager and Program Director to address the concerns and needs of the residents.
    • Participates as a member of an Interdisciplinary Team. Participation includes but is not limited to staffing, in-service training, email, staff notes, and other forms of communication as needed
    • Enforces, with discretion, the program requirements, house rules and disciplinary procedures of the program and helps to uphold the policies
    • Documents resident updates concerns and incidents throughout shift via email and staff notes and reports to Program Director significant activities in the house
    • Understand each resident’s vital information and Independent Living Plan goals and provides an environment that helps the resident achieve success with their goals and objectives through each phase of the program
  4. Manages various household TLP staff responsibilities including but not limited to resident chores, household maintenance, cleaning responsibilities
    • Inspects the rooms and common areas of the home daily to assure proper housekeeping and maintenance needs are addressed. Reports maintenance issues to the Residential Coordinator weekly and as needed for emergencies so they can be corrected promptly
    • Documents all maintenance needs in the Maintenance Request log that is tracked and prioritized by the Director of Operations
    • Assists with greeeting and overseeing volunteers and donations
    • Cleaning duties required, as well as upkeep of household  
    • Emphasizes safety of the residents, cleanliness of both the environment and their bodies, and monitors to insure proper food preparation and clean up at all times while on duty
    • Follows Universal Precaution procedures as appropriate
    • Organizes donation sand household supplies in a timely manner
    • Manages on-site work groups and volunteer groups serving the TLP program during shift

Qualifications/Basic Job Requirements:

  • Associates degree or coursework with an emphasis on social work or closely related field of studies strongly preferred.  Bachelor’s degree preferred.
  • Age 24 or older to meet the needs for the vehicle insurance.
  • Minimum of one year’s experience working with at-risk and homeless adults, adolescents or children in a residential setting or related field.
  • Current valid Texas driver’s license and insurance.
  • Have a required TB testing showing employee is free of contagious TB.
  • Submit to a criminal background check as required by regulatory agencies.
  • Effective communication skills, both oral and written.  Effective organizational skills. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees and the public. Ability to perform duties with minimal supervision.
  • Working knowledge of computer applications, Microsoft Office, and the Internet.
  • CPR Certification must be current or obtained within 60 days of hire and renewed as required by regulatory standards.
  • Complete the training topics each year as required by TLP program standards.
  • Creates and maintains a high performance environment characterized by positive leadership and a strong team orientation.
  • Reports immediately any suspected child abuse/neglect of a child.

Minimum Physical Requirements:

  • Job requires frequent sitting, standing, walking, bending, stooping and light lifting.

Working Conditions:

  • Exposure to residents who may have high behavioral needs which could lead to physical and verbal aggression.  Possible exposure to the hazards of a home environment, related to household activities, cleaning agents, and food preparation.  Exposure to illnesses and blood is a possibility. 
  • This position is funded through state and federal grants and is subject to termination if funding ceases.


Please send completed Employment Application and resume to Donna Melton, Director of Operations

Download Job Description

Open Employment Application, complete and save it, and then email it and your resume to the hiring manager. (PDF)