TLP Residential Care Worker

Hourly; Non-Exempt Status

Reports To:  TLP Program Manager

3 positions available:
Full-time Mon -- Fri 2:00pm – 10:00pm
Part-time Wed – Fri 10:00pm – 6:00am
Part-time Sat – Mon 10:00pm – 6:00am

General Purpose: Responsible for assisting with matters pertaining to food, cleaning, minor maintenance, house, hands on life skills and for providing an environment of consistent structure, guidance and nurturance in the homes.

Essential Functions:

  1. Provides direct support and guidance to residents living in the home while meeting the physical, emotional, academic and vocational needs of all residents and
    • Helps provide a living environment through the therapeutic approach that stimulates a balance of independence and teamwork, as well as building self-confidence, and problem solving skills.
    • Makes room checks at the beginning and ending of shift to ensure resident safety
    • Provides transportation to and from goal-related activities, including jobs, school, appointments
    • Provides individualized and group life skills on-site, such as preparing meals together, minor home maintenance, proper cleaning techniques, large applicance use, and disaster preparedness
  2. Help provide a living style that is growth producing and which stimulates self-confidence, trust, and love of people. Remains attentive to the physical, emotional, and academic growth of the children under their supervision.
  3. Utilize the therapeutic approach to improve children’s self-image, learn effective problem solving skills and daily living skills.
    • Facilitate environments that encourage children to practice resolving problems as a simulated family unit
    • Provide opportunities to set individual and group goals.
    • Develop a simulated family unit culture in which each member plays an active role in providing constructive feedback to each other.
    • Facilitate discussions that encourage children to take part of including group activities.
    • Provide continual recognition of children’s strengths and gradual success.
  4. Maintain an awareness of the needs of children and is attentive to creative changes in program.
    • Communicate information through various means to the other Childcare Specialists regarding issues that may impact their shifts while working with the children.
    • Work collaboratively with Client Services Coordinators.
    • Provide transportation for children as needed.
  5. Monitor and coordinate children’s activities, behaviors and locations.
  6. Administration of prescription medication.
  7. Emphasize safety of the children through supervision and awareness.
  8. Supervise and participate in daily activities with children.
  9. Maintain home, including living quarters, grounds and backyard area to ensure a clean and orderly manner. Report needed repairs to Directors.
  10. Immediately report any suspected child abuse/neglect of a child.
  11. Participate in training, staff meetings and supervisory conferences to develop and enhance childcare skills.
  12. Maintain medical records, daily report sheets and incident reports as necessary.
  13. Emphasize safety to keep injuries to a minimum.
  14. Answer phones, complete crisis sheets and provide referrals as needed.
  15. Perform other assignments and duties as requested.
  16. Follow Universal Precaution procedures as appropriate.

Minimum Physical Requirements:

  • Ability to use up to 50 pounds of force occasionally, and/or up to 20 pounds of force frequently and/or up to 10 pounds of force continuously to move objects and/or people.
  • Good depth perception and field of vision required.
  • Ability to bend, stoop, twist, turn, reach, lift, carry, pull, climb, and kneel, with approximately 50% of the time spent walking and standing.
  • Ability to recognize differences in sound, such as voices/noises that are loud and playful instead of angry and combative, and the ability to differentiate tone and volumes in conversations.

Qualifications/Basic Job Requirements:

  1. High School Degree or equivalent is required. Some college or college degree is preferred.
  2. Age 21 or older to meet the needs for the vehicle insurance.
  3. Minimum of one year of experience working with children in a therapeutic/residential setting or related experience.
  4. Current Texas driver’s license with insurance and provide DPS proof of driving record acceptable to agency insurers for the past three (3) years.
  5. Must submit to pre-employment drug screen as well as random drug screens when directed.
  6. Have a required of TB testing showing employee is free of contagious TB.
  7. Submit to a criminal background check, FBI background check, and DFPS background check as required by regulatory agencies.
  8. Effective communication skills, both oral and written. Effective organizational skills. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees and the public. Ability to perform duties with minimal supervision, if needed.
  9. CPR Certification must be current or be obtained within 60 days of hire and renewed as required by regulatory standards. Current first aid and Emergency Behavior Intervention as required by regulatory standards.
  10. Sufficient good health to properly discharge duties. Employees shall not be permitted to work that have infectious disease or skin lesion, for the duration of the communicability.
  11. This position is funded through state and federal funds and is subject to termination if funding ceases.

Current Openings:

Full-Time Weekday (Monday – Friday)
1st shift 6am-2:30pm (30-min break)

Part-Time Weekend (Saturday & Sunday)
2nd shift 2pm-10:30pm (30-min break)

Overnight Part-Time Weekend (Friday & Saturday)
10pm-6:30am (30-min break)

PRN (Any shift that may fit your schedule of availability)
All shifts are the same Weekdays & Weekends:
-1st Shift: 6am-2:30pm (30-min break)
-Mid Shift: 10am-6:30pm (30-min break)
-2nd Shift: 2pm-10:30pm (30-min break)
-Overnight: 10pm-6:30am (30-min break)


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