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Supporting Programs for the Homeless

Youth Resource & Outreach Center!

Our community Youth Resource Center for at-risk teens and young adults up to 21 years is in a highly accessible location, within walking distance of a DART station and bus stop.

A go-to destination when help is needed:
-Shower & restroom
-Transportation assistance
-Crisis counseling (in person & by phone)
-Access to computers
-Life skills assistance
-Counseling services

Open Monday-Friday 9:30am-4:30pm
830 Central Parkway E., Suite #350
Plano, TX 75074

After 5pm and need help now? Call us at 972-971-0278.

Resource Center

Resource Center

Resource Center

Resource Center

Resource Center






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Our Mission

The mission of City House is to provide emergency shelter and transitional residential services to children and young adults who are in need due to abuse, neglect or homelessness.

Emergency Shelter
for Youth -- My Friend’s House
Transitional Living Program for homeless young adults, ages 18-21


Does your company have a job opening for a young adult working hard to make a change in his/her life? Please contact us, at: 972-424-4626.